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Calabrian Chili Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Product of Italy

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The famed Calabrian Chili commonly used in Italian cuisine. With its well-balanced mixture of flavor and heat, we have infused the essence of this pepper into our small batch, cold pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that was crafted for us in Latina, Italy. The welcoming warmth of this oil is meant to be drizzled over all of your favorite foods. 

Works Miracles on Pizza, Pasta, Risotto, Chowders and Bisques, Roasted Vegetables like Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Zucchini, Asparagus. Use it to sauté Shrimp, Scallops or as a marinade for Steaks, Chops & Chicken. Fruity on the front end, with a warming sensation on the back end. Add this Oil to your collection and thank us later. 

Heat Level - 4/10

8.5oz - 250ML