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Habanero Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Product of Italy

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A select, small batch, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Latina, Italy, exclusively crafted for Saint Lucifer Foods Co. Infused with the lustful and decadent warmth of habanero peppers, this cold-pressed olive oil is meant to be drizzled over all of your favorite foods to give them a beckoning touch of heat. 

Works Miracles on Pizza, Pasta, Risotto, Chowders and Bisques, Roasted Vegetables like Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Zucchini, Asparagus. Use it to sauté Shrimp, Scallops or as a marinade for Steaks, Chops & Chicken.

Fruity on the front end, with a warming sensation on the back end. Trust us, you will love it.

Heat Level - 7/10

8.5oz - 250ML